Ski World Cup for medical doctors and pharmacists March, 17th to 20th march 2021
Ski World Cup formedical doctors and pharmacistsMarch, 17th to 20th march 2021 


The World Cup is open to all medical doctors and pharmacists
than can prove their belonging to their Association.



Competitors in the race must be personally insured against accidents. The organizing committee refuses all responsibility in case of accidents or for any damage that may occur to people or property before, during and after the competition or in connection with it.



The international rules of FIS are the regulation for all races and competition in association with the medical doctors and
oharmacists SKI WORLD CUP  with noch exceptions.
Protection with a helmet ist obligate for the Super-G race!



Slalom (2 races) - Giant Slalom (2 races) - Super-G




Male and female. Classification in age-related groups (10 years). Classification in every single discipline:
Slalom, Giant-Slalom, Super-G the winner of the Medical Doctors and Pharmacist Ski World Cup will be awarded to the competitor (male an female) with best time in combination of slalom an giant slalom.

The winner of the Nations-Cup will be awarded to the nation with best result of 10 competitors (only best result in one discipline each competitor).

Points: 1. 25pt ; 2. 20pt ; 3. 15pt ; 4. 12pt ; 5. 11pt ; 6.10pt ; 7. 9pt ; 8. 8pt ; 9. 7pt ; 10. 6pt ; 11. 5pt ; 12. 4pt ; 13. 3pt ; 14. 2pt ;

           15. 1pt

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