Ski World Cup for medical doctors and pharmacists March, 17th to 20th march 2021
Ski World Cup formedical doctors and pharmacistsMarch, 17th to 20th march 2021 

47. Skiweltmeisterschaft für Ärzte und  Pharmazeuten

47th Medical Ski World Cup for doctors and pharmacist

47a Coppa de mondo di sci dei medici et dei farmacisti

47éme Coupe du  monde de ski des médecins et pharmaciens


Seefeld, Tirol, Austria

Dear collegue and skifan,

as we all face rough times at the moment we are glad to announce that we managed to find a flexible location wich is willing to plan together with us our loved Ski world-cup this year. Seefeld where we have been 7 years ago told us to be very flexible on any changes that might still affect us all in our daily living, traveling an participating in such an, our outdoor event.

So we plan this years 47th Ski word-cup 2021 in Seefeld/ Tirol, Austria.

Due to corona restrictions we plan all events besides the race outdoor. We will have a hygienic concept to ensure as much safty as possible.

End of february we will screen all restrictions that might affect the Ski world-cup and let you then know our final decision.

Of course there is no doubt that we do not accept any risk for your health and all political restriction in all of your countries will be accepted too.

But we are confident that we can meet again in 2021 for our wonderful competition and maybe celebrate a victory over "corona-desease" in Seefeld.

Regulary we will have been in Italy for Ski-World-Cup in 2021, but another loss and cancel of our event will probably cause damage to our event.

So we plan Ski-word-cup 2022 again in Italy in association with our italian friends and their italian commitee for medical doctors.

As we planed on Dienten / Hochkönig for Ski world-cup 2020, which was canceled due to corona restrictions, we are looking forward to organize Ski world-cup again at that place for 2022.

Hope you all stay healthy,

Love Dr. Jörg Haury




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