49th Ski World Cup for medical doctors and pharmacists March, 20th to march, 23th 2024 Hochkönig, Salzburger Land, Austria
49th Ski World Cup for medical doctors and pharmacistsMarch, 20th to march, 23th  2024Hochkönig, Salzburger Land,  Austria  

Wednesday, 20th march 2024

03:00 p.m. to 03:45 p.m.


Valgus and varus orthesis to reduce unicompatimental pain in sports knees (by Sporlastic)



03:45 p.m. to 04:30 p.m.


Use of Cryofos in conservative sports-medicine and post operative therapy to reduce inflammation of joints (by cryofos)

04:30 p.m.  to 05:15 p.m. 


Collagen articular injection, a new biological intra-articular device in sports medicine (by Aptissen)

05:15 p.m.  to 06:00 p.m. 


Round-table discussion (by Dr. Haury)

Scientific Program, Andreas Lenich MD



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